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Here's one that briefly burned me today and I thought I had a blog post of it. If you've created Ncloth and a default preset isn't moving correctly it's most likely that you are not working to 1/10th scale. Because Maya perceives 1 unit as 1 meter (when your prefs are set to cm's), they also built the cloth solver to solve at that scale. Under the Nucleus node there is a space scale attribute that can be set to 0.01 if you are in a pinch but I'd suggest to model to 1/10th to get the most predictable results.
**Here's a fantastic whitepaper on the Nucleus solver.
Maya 2011 Vector Blur
Things are a bit different now when rendering vector blur. Now Maya has incorporated it into render passes. You no longer need the LM2DV shader. Render out 32 bit EXR with the blur embedded into the pass and break it out into your comp package. This is how to do it with Maya's "composite" package.
1. Separate your FG and BG into render layers. 2. For each layer needing vectors, go into your passes tab in render settings and add a BEAUTY and a mv2Dtoxik (2DmotionVector) pass. 3. In your quality tab make sure your framebuffer is RGBA 4x32bit instead of the default 8. 4. Image format - openEXR 5. Render
COMPOSITE - See image for nodes used and also use this dude's video