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Flicker Free animation VRAY for Maya

The tough thing about Vray is that for the most part it's default render settings are most set up for interior still frames or arch-viz camera fly throughs. When you want objects moving through the scene, Vray's irradience maps are calculated differently each frame....which leads to flickering GI.
I've found a great tutorial that explains the irradiance map prepass method, which works similar to motion blur pre and post frame calculation. What it seems to do is pre-calculate the GI maps then blend them + or - X amount of frames so that flickering is eliminated. It's a two step process, but way faster than brute force GI methods.

VrayForMaya Nederhorst Settings

Here's some pretty decent vray settings for animation. There's so many things to play with in the render settings - it can get out of hand. According to this video, the Nederhost settings attempt to keep all of your quality control in the Adaptive DMC section. I can dig it.

**Great tip from the video. Switch to Fixed rate rather than adaptive DMC with a low sample rate for fast test renders. I have to render layers set up. One with DMC, one with Fixed for fast render quality switching.