Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nudge Keys Script

When you're working with stepped keys a cool tool to have is a 'nudge selected keys 1 frame left or right' script. I'm no complex MEL guy but here's the code you can slap onto a shelf button...

Nudge -1
keyframe -animation keys -option over -relative -timeChange (0 - 1) ;

Nudge +1
keyframe -animation keys -option over -relative -timeChange (0 + 1) ;

Monday, September 20, 2010


Finally figured out how to get the best player hooked up for playblasting. The problem is that it's never had an option for autolooping by default. Here's the config file hack.

With clicking on View->Playlist->and then either clicking on Repeat Once or Repeat All, you have to do that every time you open a multimedia file. If you want VLC Media Player to do it by default every time you open a file, open up the file called vlcrc, which is located in the ~/.vlc folder, with a text editor. Look for '# Repeat all (boolean) #loop=0 # Repeat current item (boolean) #repeat=0' inside that file. Change the 0s to 1s & remove the #s and, after doing that, make vlcrc read-only. Then, everytime you open up a multimedia file, the player will loop the multimedia file by default.


*Also unfortunately there are a lot of codecs missing in Maya 2011 64 bit Win7. Right now I'm using the FFD show codec which can be found here...

*TIP strange colors on your video when playblasting? In VLC change your video/output to Windows GDI output.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There's a nice new feature in Maya now when you want to add sculpted detail to your models via Mudbox. Here's the quick rundown.
1. Model and UV up your Maya model.
2. File/Export selected to Mudbox
3. Sculpt it up.
4. File/send to Maya. You'll get an option box popup and next time you click on Maya BOOM your Mudbox object is back in.