Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Some lovely tools in Maya's included bonus tools that allow quick and easy duplicating of attributes and driven keys. Under the animation tab we have 'replicate attribute' for all of those cool attributes you add to your rig. Simply
select the object that you want to paste to, shift select the object and attribute
channel of the object that has the custom attribute and hit 'replicate attribute'.
For set driven key transferring, a dialogue box pops up with 3 input boxes.
1. Set Driven Key Source - the channel that is being driven on the completed object (i.e. pSphere1.rY).
2. New Destination Driver - The driver object channel/attribute of the incomplete object. (i.e. pSphere2.bender)
3. New Destination Driven - The driven channel of the incomplete object. (i.e. pSphere2.rY)

Hit copy and you are done. No more manually setting up millions of similar rig attributes and controls.

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