Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I came across a VERY cool technique to drive Maya's hair or splineIK. I saw a post online and the guy said
"create strips of polys from your hair, apply nCloth to them then wrap the hair to the nCloth"
I said "huh"?
So basically here's what he means...

Let's say you need a dynamically driven IK handle that you would normally drive with a dynamic curve (say a pony tail or an antennae). Instead

1. Loft 2 curves together and create a poly 'ribbon'.
2. Create nCloth of your poly loft.
3. Take 1 of the curves and wrap deform it to the polys which are now nCloth.
4. Your curve is now driven by the movement of the nCloth which is MUCH more versatile and has way better collision detection.
5. Now you can set up joints and spline IK your nClothed curve to them...all of this being driven by your nCloth.
6. Set up your nCloth constraints which are very good and predictable. Adjust your ncloth movement as you need it.

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