Sunday, July 06, 2008


For some reason, a rig I was working on all of a sudden stopped working with the paint weights tool and no vertex info would show up in the component editor. No color feedback in the tool either. ERROR: value is out of range 0 would show up when trying to export weights or paint.

I have no clue what happened but the fix was


Also I figured out that the skincluster node for the bind had lost all of the relationships to it's
vertices. It was an empty deformation node. So I added them all back in with the edit membership tool.

Also had to hack to remove history and get a clean unbroken bind....

- duplicated the bound mesh in it's bind pose.
- smooth bound the duplicate to the skeleton.
- used the "copy skin weights" to transfer it to the duplicate.
- purged the history of the original as needed.
- after everything is done, rebound the original to the skeleton.
- used "copy skin weights" to get them back on the original mesh.

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