MLOOM plus converting to local space.

For insane distance shots with complex cameras, convert to local space with a top node that drives the world motion of your characters or objects. 1. Create or bake a null that will be your world space driver. E.G. if you have a guy on a train, the train's root will drive the movement through world space. 2. MLOOM your object's root node to get it's movement through space. Make sure your character's hands and feet are in local. 3. Delete your object/char's root node anim. 4. Parent the object/char to your world driver. 5. Transfer the MLOOM back on to your object/char's root node. 6. It should now be local spaced object driven by the world driver.

Neat Script

This one allows you to scale each curve in the GE locally. For example, you have a big action that you want to scale a section all of the motion down 50% - easy peasy with this tool.  

Move object in relation to camera

Very cool script. I don't know why Maya is lacking this functionality.

Decent Quadruped Tutorial


Super Motion Path Technique

Cheers to  Brendan Gallagher 's Youtube video on attaching a spline IK rig to a path via the ik handle's offset attribute. This is a great technique for objects with length that need to deform along a path.

Pivot back to world 0

Cool and easy script. xform -ws -a -rp 0 0 0 Will take your pivot point back to 0,0,0
BAKING NCLOTH I'm not sure why Maya doesn't have a >convert Maya Ncloth to Polygons function but I found a hack online that works well. Set the pose as an initial state (edit nCloth > initial state > set from current) then in the channel box where it says 'isDynamic' turn that to off, ta da!! ***Just tried another method animation>Geometry Cache. Works fine.
Hide Polys Toggle Great little script to map to a key that hides all polys and displays them back upon hitting the key again. I find myself hiding polys all the time especially when selecting rig controls or when geo gets in the way of selecting. string $activePanel1 = `getPanel -wf`; if (`modelEditor -q -polymeshes $activePanel` == 1) {  modelEditor -e -polymeshes 0 $activePanel; } else {  modelEditor -e -polymeshes 1 $activePanel; }