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STUFF LEARNED ABOUT OBJECT TRAVEL ACROSS SURFACE Oh dear... Sometimes trying to acomplish the most simple things leads to many discoveries about the tools that you use. I will most definitely have to catalogue this because I don't want to have to figure this out in the future.... Techniques to have multiple objects travel across a surface in random different directions while obeying surface normals and directions. My first intuition was to run random instanced particles across a surface and somehow stick them to the surface. This can be done. Make a surface live, sketch particles on, throw down some gravity and get those particles moving... *but what if you need to direct those particles and also have them 'stick on'? Gravity will tell them that if they hit an edge, to fall off the surface. Plus with fields, you can't direct particles as precise as a picky client wants them :) So I figured, why not make the surface a goal? Great! So the particles move towards the v