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BAKING NCLOTH I'm not sure why Maya doesn't have a >convert Maya Ncloth to Polygons function but I found a hack online that works well. Set the pose as an initial state (edit nCloth > initial state > set from current) then in the channel box where it says 'isDynamic' turn that to off, ta da!! ***Just tried another method animation>Geometry Cache. Works fine.
Hide Polys Toggle Great little script to map to a key that hides all polys and displays them back upon hitting the key again. I find myself hiding polys all the time especially when selecting rig controls or when geo gets in the way of selecting. string $activePanel1 = `getPanel -wf`; if (`modelEditor -q -polymeshes $activePanel` == 1) {  modelEditor -e -polymeshes 0 $activePanel; } else {  modelEditor -e -polymeshes 1 $activePanel; }


WOW Sometimes it's the simplest things. Ever work on a scene that somehow the keys are on subframes? This can happen when you scale keys or use timewarps. So how do you get those damn keys back on to whole frames? Just select the object and type snapKey in your Mel script executor and bamn...all keys are moved to the nearest whole frame. Dig it.
DISPLACEMENT MAPS FROM MUDBOX Very good explanation of map extraction and rendering displacement out from Mudbox.
VRAY texture resolution and Viewport 2.0 Why the #$%^ are my Vray textures so low res in the viewport?! Here's the fix...