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MATHILDA RIG I haven't had a go with this one but it looks like this rig has every bell and whistle possible. Pretty impressive. Have a play here
FREE RIGS Can't get enough free rigs? Have some more! Also here's some $30 rigs (wait! he's raised the price to $40) that look very nicely done

Quadruped Gaits

QUADRUPED GAITS Not a Maya post but hey - very helpful if you find yourself animating 4 legged animals or creatures.


bhGhost Yes! How cool is this! I haven't used Maya's ghosting in a while and was searching for a way to ghost a whole character and Bamm! bhGhost. Create a selection set of all your character's geo and load it into the bhGhost GUI. Hit "ghost" and it draws you up an outline on that frame. Heaps of control over the outline in the bhGhost node. It's also very fast with no slow down. Here's the link to the mel script. Big thumbs up to Brian Horgan for this one.


Image I've used some sweet auto riggers but this one really impresses me. I managed to rig up a simple skeleton character in about an hour - skinned and all. Very user friendly system based on mirrored guides, rig set up and a super fast skinning GUI. Dig the rig too. Comes with all the treats, stretchy IK, finger set drivens, world head rots etc etc etc