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CREATING nCLOTH UV'S BEFORE DEFORMERS well, have you ever created Ncloth and found that your UV's are sliding like they are being projected? The problem is, you need to create your UV's BEFORE you create your cloth. If you find that your UV's are after your cloth in your history stack, don't dispair. 1. Select your cloth and delete your uv's 2. under nMesh hit 'display input mesh' -this will display your original object before it was clothed. 3. Apply new uv's or transfer to this object and voila...your uv's are pre-deformer. OR 1. Duplicate your cloth object. 2. Delete it's history. 3. Delete cloth's post deformer swimming uv's 4. Transfer the uv's from the duplicated object to your cloth
MOTION PATH VIA IK SPLINE Interesting technique, using the 'offset' value of an IK spline to drive a series of bones along a motion path curve. Of doesn't work on a curve on surface which is what I'm trying to figure out. Flow object on a motion path curve on surface stretches the object like mad.
RECORDING AUDIO FROM ANY VIDEO Sweet. Not really to do with CG but ever watch a youtube video and want to rip the audio from it? I do all the time. Here's a sweet tutorial on how to do it. *he rips to .wav but you can use other recording software to record to MP3.