Nice. For those path animations where you need the object to bend along the path like for example a snake, worm, tail etc etc.

1. Bind your object(s) to a joint chain
2. Create a spline IK solver
3. Cluster the IK curve
4. Attach those clusters to a motion path
5. Offset each cluster's U value by 1 successive frame down the chain

Now you have each cluster following the motion path, driving the spline
IK deformations. Sweet!


Anonymous said…
Isn't this basically what the Animate > Motion Paths > Flow Path Object tool does?... First you would attach the object to your motion path/curve, then select the object and make it a flow path object... the object now automatically deforms along the curve path (and you have control over the resolution of the lattice that is deforming it.
TheCrone said…
Yes True. This technique uses Clusters instead of a lattice so you can adjust the level of falloff by offsetting the time of each cluster.

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