Arrgh. When I learned Flash about 10 years ago I thought "wow, this package has a lot of potential". I've just picked it up to re-do my website and I am shocked at the lack of user
friendliness. Making a simple hyperlink to a button involves a ridiculous amount of
scripting in "actionscript". Now I am all for having scripting in software however simple
functions should be script invisible to users. Or accessible via a script history.
All easy html funtions should be button or menu driven.
And AHH! Having to copy every little detail to every keyframe if you make changes. No way to batch
copy attributes or 'apply to all keys'. No linking or referencing Photoshop files which sucks when you want to
change layer details. No global resizing without crunching bitmap edges.
Anyway, popping up a window is a lesson in patience but here's a link



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