Interesting technique I found on a post

Here is the message that has just been posted:
eg: UVing after rigging the character

Just make a duplicate of the rigged mesh , preferably before you rig the character
Lay out the uv's on the duplicated mesh

after rigging the character , plug the last piece of history (of the copied mesh)(the last node before it goes into the shapeNode) into the first meshshape in the "hierarchy" (hypergraph) (normally called something like "meshShapeOriginal" , if the rigged mesh is called "mesh") output or outmesh --> inmesh

and then break that connection again.
Your mesh will be updated and no history will be added to your rig

I normally use this method for mesh changes aswell , if you add new points to the mesh , those points will just have to be added to the skincluster.

(and that is the reason why I use a wrapDeform for the face , then changes to the mesh wont screw up my blendshapes)


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